Coming Soon: Interview with Boxer, Kickboxer, and Personal Trainer, Dexter Delves

Meet Dexter Delves: ageless fighter, father, husband, and personal trainer. You would never know this to see him, but Dexter has been fighting for over 30 years. It is who he is, his way of life.

Starting in 1980, Dexter trained under Master Paul Chan at Hong Luck’s Kung Fu Club in Do Pai Style. In 1983, after three years of vigorous training in boxing, kickboxing, and kung fu, he became Assistant Instructor and toured China with Hong Luck. Dexter performed various kung fu demonstrations and defeated the 1985 Hong Kong champ in his first kickboxing fight.

Dexter trains clients at the Cambridge Group of Clubs: the Adelaide Club, the Cambridge Club, and the Toronto Athletic Club. He works as a personal trainer one-on-one, leads boxing and kickboxing group classes, and teaches self-defense.

My son, William French, learned everything he knows about boxing from Dexter and cannot say enough good things about this man. I look forward to bringing you this interview.

UPDATE: For my interview with Dexter, click here.

About Beth French, BA, MFA, PTS

I am a writer with a Bachelor of Arts degree (Political Science) from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, and a Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA) in Theatre Directing from the University of British Columbia. I am certified as a Personal Trainer. I also work as a Law Clerk in Toronto.

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